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Ambitious Climate Action Needs Better Transport Data

The Transport Data Commons prototype was launched on May 25th With a prototype database up and running to demonstrate...

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Celebration of Women in Maritime Action in the Republic of Marshall Islands

In this current day, women represent only 1.2% percent of the global seafarer workforce. The IMO (International Maritime Organization)...

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Building the Road to Safer and Enjoyable Cities

Approximately over 1.3 million people are dying due to road accidents globally, with the majority of children and young...

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MRV for Transport in Asia – Technical Training by UNFCCC secretariat and GIZ

Globally, transport contributes one quarter of Greenhouse Gas emissions. For effective implementation of emission mitigation in the sector, it...

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5 Lessons from China, India, Vietnam on Decarbonising Transport and Accelerating Climate Action

The momentum towards low-carbon and sustainable transport is growing globally, but the sector still lags behind many others and...

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Initiating Action Towards an Inclusive Transportation System in India

Her awareness of the needs of various groups of people inspired her to come up with initiatives that will...

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Pathing the Way for the Thai Clean Mobility Programme

This article is part of our #StoriesofChange where we profile the work of our partner countries in developing climate...

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Challenging the Status Quo

Women on the Move held the first virtual meeting called “Mentorship Check-in with Safetipin” on 3 March 2023. The...

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Public Bus Electrification

TRANSfer III Thailand

Transport accounts for 27% of energy-related CO2 emissions globally and continues to remain a rapidly growing sector. According to the latest ITF Transport Outlook CO2 emissions could increase by 16% by 2050 (ITF, 2021)...

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