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We promote sustainable transport worldwide to harness societal benefits, such as access to jobs, clean air and economic development, to improve quality of life and to fight the climate crisis.

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We offer training and consulting services and connect transport colleagues from around the world with regard to the following areas of expertise.

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Road Map Policy for Truck Fleet Modernisation in Indonesia

The cooperation between GIZ and Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia through the TRANSfer Project has developed the mitigation action plan on the truck fleet modernisation. This outlined a governmental programme designed to mitigate GHG emissions in the freight sector through the deployment of an environmentally friendly fleet. Find the detailed mitigation action […]

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Strengthening Urban Connectivity through ‘Buy the Service Program’ in Indonesia

The potential for population and urbanisation in accelerating the economic growth is constrained by traffic congestion. The increase in...

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The role of green hydrogen and Power-to-X in defossilising transport

The Hydrogen Hours and panel discussion with the World Economic Forum  part of Transport and Climate Change Week 2021 addressed the opportunities and considerations of green hydrogen and...

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Featured Publications

Truck Fleet Modernization in Indonesia

Mitigation Action Outline

Road freight transportation in Indonesia faces various challenges, including poor energy and environmental performance, safety risk, and high cost. These factors are attributed to older trucks with poor technologies, truck oversizing and overloading, road...

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