Chilean Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications and the Ministry of Environment cooperates with GIZ in implementing their Electric Mobility Strategy through the Moving Chile project. In the last ten years, transport emissions in Chile have increased by about 20%. In 2013 they amounted to 24.5 MtCO2e and accounted for 29% of the country’s total emissions. With 89%, road transport is the largest emitter, mainly from trucks and buses.

Since 2017, the Chilean government has been pursuing an electric mobility strategy with the ambitious goal of converting 40% of the passenger car fleet and 100% of buses to electric vehicles by 2050.
Project Moving Chile is keen on improving the enabling environment to scale up electric mobility as a means to decarbonize the transport sector in Chile and internationally. Project operates on two levels: national and international. On country level project supports the development of a financing mechanism for electric mobility and piloting the mechanism. On international level, the Ministry of Transport is supported in hosting a Transport Minister Meeting at COP25, including a declaration on transport and climate change.

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Moving Chile

Upscaling electric mobility in Chile and internationally
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