NDC Transport Initiative for Asia

The regional initiative aims at a holistic approach to decarbonize the transport sector in China, India, Vietnam, and further Asian countries. This includes, for example, the development of a coherent strategy for efficient policy approaches which is coordinated between various sector ministries, civil society and the private sector.

The transport sector accounts for 23% of the global energy-related CO₂ emissions (IEA 2017). The Chinese transport sector alone caused 781 Mt CO2e emissions in 2014. Together with India (231 Mt CO2e) and Vietnam (32 Mt CO2e), the three countries emitted about 1 Gt CO2e in 2014 (IEA 2017). Rapid economic growth combined with an ongoing urbanisation trend and increasing motorisation lead to a further increase in traffic amount in the three partner countries. Therefore, the transition to a decarbonisation path for the transport sector in Asia is essential to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement for 2050.

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