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24 November 2023

Visioning to Implementation: National Transport Decarbonization Policies that match National Climate Targets in China, India, and Vietnam

New NDC Transport Initiative for Asia Report

A new NDC-TIA report assesses how three Asian countries – China, India, and Vietnam – are translating their international climate ambition in their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and their long-term strategies (LTSs) into national transport strategies and policies.

In Asia, 14 countries accounting for 26% of the global transport emissions in 2019 have made economy-wide net zero commitments.1 Among them, China and India together accounted for 58% of total transport emissions from Asia in 2019.2 Understanding how these countries are translating their climate ambitions and goals into transport strategies and policies, and how these affect transport emissions, can provide valuable lessons for other countries looking for effective ways to decarbonize the sector.

Through an extensive review of literature and policy documents, and stakeholder expert interviews in each of these countries, the report finds that climate ambitions in the transport sector are somewhat consistent with national pledges, strategies and goals, but that coordination across policy areas and levels of governance could be improved. It identifies opportunities and recommends strategies to accelerate transport decarbonization in the next round of NDCs.

This report recommends 7 key strategies to policymakers in national and subnational governments on how to enhance transport ambition and accelerate transport decarbonization in the next round of NDCs.


112 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Ben Welle
  • Sebastian Castellanos
  • Yiqian Zhang

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