Recommendations to Enable Renewable Energy Based EV Charging in India

Identifying the levers for decarbonizing EV charging, GIZ has deployed a study “Power market Reforms to enable Renewable Energy (RE) based Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging in India” to understand the challenges and opportunities existing in the policy, regulatory, and technological landscape of in India of EV charging to complement RE power generation and efficient grid management. Keeping this in view, three cities viz. Bengaluru, Kolkata and Panaji, were identified to assess their present situation and preparedness with respect to renewable based EV charging.

This report sets the context of RE based EV charging, its need in India, concerned stakeholders, modes of RE procurement and locations for RE based EV charging in different business. It captures all the gaps identified in the Indian RE and EV ecosystem (at the city and central levels). It covers the best practices in some of the nations such as USA, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, France, Austria, Japan, and China to enable RE based EV charging. The major focus of this report is the recommendations which are panned out across short-, medium, and long-term for specific stakeholder groups.


68 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Adarsh Tripathy
  • Akshay Parihar
  • Anish Mandal
  • Chandan Dikshit
  • Purab Mohapatra