Increasing Ambition to Mitigate Greenhouse Gases in the Transport Sector through Electro-Mobility

Policy Recommendations based on recent Experiences in Latin America

Achieving the global climate change policy target to limit global warming to less than 2 Degrees Celsius requires a significant increase of ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In 2020, all countries are called upon to submit stronger Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC). The transport sector is one of the key areas that require bold action and electric mobility can play an important role to achieve substantial emission reduction.

This publication includes detailed proposals for decision makers – not only from Latin America – and presents best practices from countries such as Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama and Uruguay.

The objective of this publication is to provide relevant information to decision makers on the recommendations identified to promote electrric mobility and increase the ambition of  NDCs in the countries in the region. The recommendations identified in this document are practical, inexpensive and often no-regret, allowing  policy makers to develop e-mobility on the basis of recent regional experience and taking into account social, economic, environmental and political realities of the region.

The publication is bilingual – Spanish and English.



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Language: English, Spanish
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  • Mark Major

10 Principles for Sustainable Urban Transport