Mitigation Action

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Synergies between Climate Action and Industrial Policy: Towards Fuel Efficiency in Thailand

Although Thailand is a major vehicle producer in Southeast Asia, it is the only country that...
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Sustainable Mobility in Morocco: The Kingdom Consolidates its Strategy to Decarbonise Land Transport

A look back at the high-level event held in Rabat on 30 April 2024 to celebrate...
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Sustainable Domestic Maritime Transport Roadmap in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

Roadmap Workshop Kick-Starts In Majuro Situated perilously close to the ocean, the Republic of the Marshall...
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Understanding Differences: Carbon Neutrality, Climate Neutrality and Net-zero Emissions

Examining the goals set by countries and the challenges associated with achieving them With approximately a...
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Launching Ceremony for The Pacific Island Supply Vessel on Geoje Island

With the objective of unveiling an innovative sailing cargo ship developed through the collaborative efforts of...
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COP28 – The Dawn of a Post-Fossil Fuel Era

COP28 – the largest climate conference to date, with almost 97,000 registered participants – started with...
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In 2023, the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the UNFCCC will...
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Join a Network of Data and MRV Experts

Our experts from Colombia, Uganda, Indonesia, Thailand and the UNFCCC are expirienced with the practical challenges...
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High-level Meeting on Sustainable Transport

More info to be found on: UNGA Sustainability Week | General Assembly of the United Nations...
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Meet & Greet with Papondhanai Nanthachatchavankul and Marlan Pillay on the Role of MRV for NDCs in Transport

Speaker Papondhanai Nanthachatchavankul joined GIZ in 2012 and has since been working on the development of...
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Meet & Greet with Gemma Burhanudin on Bus Rapid Transit and Mitigation in Indonesia 

Speaker Gemma Burhanudin is an advisor for Sustainable Urban Transport Programme Indonesia – Nationally Appropriate Mitigation...
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10 Principles for Sustainable Urban Transport