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5 December 2022

Management of batteries from end-of-life hybrid vehicles in Mongolia

Situation Report

The growing Hybrid Electric vehicle (HEVs) import market creates momentum for HEV battery regulation in Mongolia. HEVs make up 29.9% of all state-inspected vehicles in Mongolia, coming second after petrol vehicles (41.2%). The continuous rise of imported cars over the last few years (with the exception of 2020) is led back to the exemption of HEVs from excise duty and air pollution controls. Most of the vehicles get imported from Japan. The import statistics get dominated by second-hand Toyota Prius that rely on Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries (NiMH). While demand for end-of-life battery regulation is high, the Law on Road Transport in Mongolia does not hold a regulation on waste. Instead, the regulations on transport and storage of hazardous chemical waste fall under the Law on Waste, Law on Hazardous and Toxic Chemicals without a central regulatory body.

This situation report summarises the current situation relating to used or waste batteries from hybrid vehicles in Mongolia and outlines potential pathways to manage these in a sustainable manner.


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  • Daniel Hinchliffe
  • Thorge Ketelhodt