Sustainable Mobility with Renewable Energies in Morocco (DKTI VI)

The project “Sustainable Mobility with Renewable Energies in Morocco” (DKTI VI) is implemented by GIZ in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development (MTEDD) and the city of Agadir (Souss Massa region).

Its primary objective is to build upon Morocco’s existing ambitious strategies and policies to enhance the conditions for promoting sustainable mobility both nationally and in Agadir. By doing so, the project aims to support Morocco’s mobility transition in alignment with its broader energy transition towards renewable energies.

Furthermore, the project seeks to facilitate international knowledge exchange, foster mutual learning, and encourage dialogue on innovative, climate-friendly, and socially equitable mobility solutions.

These efforts are crucial in driving the development and implementation of sustainable mobility practices that benefit not only Morocco but also contribute to global sustainability goals.

The project involves the development of national guidelines and action plans. These include a national action plan to promote multimodality, integrating public transport, cycling, walking, and shared mobility services. Additionally, a guide to financing sustainable mobility and transport infrastructures in Morocco, an action plan for an inclusive and barrier-free mobility system, and a legal framework to regulate electromobility and innovative mobility services like ride-hailing or car-sharing will be established.

The project also supports strategic dialogues on topics such as the role of digitalization and artificial intelligence for future mobility.

The implementation of the project in Agadir aligns with the national level objectives. It encompasses a multimodality plan to integrate the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Agadir with other sustainable transport modes, both in terms of infrastructure and mobility services. Pilot measures will be implemented to promote mobility stations and solar energy-based charging infrastructure. Additionally, there are plans to support the Ibn Zohr University in integrating mobility at various campus locations, collaborate with the fish processing industry in Agadir for climate-friendly transport solutions, and promote a barrier-free and inclusive local mobility system.

To support the implementation at both national and local levels, technical trainings and awareness-raising initiatives will be conducted within civil society. Events like bicycle and car-free days will be organized to promote sustainable mobility practices.

Furthermore, the knowledge and experiences gained from the project will be shared with other cities in Morocco and beyond, serving as a blueprint for the development of climate-friendly and sustainable urban mobility systems.

Implementation: GIZ in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development (MTEDD) and the city of Agadir (Souss Massa region)

Funders:  Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Political Partners: Moroccan Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development (MTEDD)

Countries: Morocco

Duration: 08/2022 - 07/2027

Contact: Sebastian Ibold,

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