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Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde is the westernmost country of Africa, with 4,033 km2, and comprised of 10 islands, including 9 inhabited. The population of around 491,233 inhabitants are mostly concentrated in urban areas, with 30% living in the municipality of Praia, where the capital with the same name is located.

Culture diversity is prominently observed through music with vivid rhythms, as part of the mainland African heritage and colonial history. It’s possible to find particularities on each island that contributes to the country’s diversity.

Cabo Verde’s GDP is mainly driven by services with tourism having a significant impact.

The consolidated and stable democracy permits the country to channel its efforts to social and economy development. This in turn favours the country to move towards a just transition.

Cabo Verde enjoys from a moderate weather and relatively small travel distances which creates exceptional conditions for the proliferation of electric vehicles and to an all-electric mobility ecosystem.

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