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South Africa

The National Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and the National Department of Transport (DOT) are in the process of implementing the Transport Priority Climate Change Flagship Programme. This is a strategic intervention towards achieving the objectives of the National Climate Change Response Policy, South Africa`s Nationally Determined Contribution and the National Green Transport Strategy. GIZ supports the activities of the Transport Flagship Programme through its Climate Support Programme (CSP).

Several activities of the Transport Flagship Programme are contained in South Africa’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Programme, called “Tsamaya”. The national programme aims to improve the overall framework conditions for sustainable urban mobility and act as an incubator for further high-quality projects and policies towards sustainable mobility in South African cities. Tsamaya has been prepared as a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action and has been designed to attract further international support for full implementation.

GIZ supports several activities, which are part of the Tsamaya NAMA: Support for two pilot cities in the implementation of low-carbon transport policies and mitigation actions; improvement of the national policy framework and coordination of sustainable urban mobility; as well as implementation of a system for monitoring and reporting for urban mobility.

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