Content Overview NUMP Toolkit

General Information

Highlights the relevance of sustainable urban mobility from a societal point of view, introduces the NUMP concept, its benefits and associated principles and highlights relevant stakeholders.

Phase I: Initiation

Is the groundwork for a successful NUMP process.  Key issues, actors and stakeholders are identified in a preliminary urban mobility assessment and a core team is established.

Phase II: Status Quo Analysis

Includes an in-depth urban mobility analysis and initiates collection and analysis of information and data to provide the basis for a communication plan and a broader stakeholder engagement.

Phase III: Vision, Goal Setting & Measure Selection

Brings stakeholders together to agree on a long-term urban mobility vision. Specific goals are jointly set and measures to achieve them are prioritised.

Phase IV: Detailed Preparation

Includes the in-depth elaboration of all technical, financial, institutional and managerial elements required to get ready for a successful NUMP implementation.

NUMP Financing: Facilitating low carbon investments

Gives specific guidance for all financial issues to be addressed throughout the four NUMP development phases.

NUMP MRV: Measuring & Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Introduces basic concepts to measure, monitor and report on (potential) GHG savings during NUMP implementation progress. Gives guidance to develop a tailor-made MRV approach for the NUMP.

Capacity Development

This section includes series of webinars, tutorials and guidebooks for various methodologies and tools within the NUMP implementation process.

EUROCLIMA+ Webinars:

Training Materials:

The NUMP Cycle - 4 Phases and 9 Steps, Source: MobiliseYourCity Partnership