How to Ensure Target Group Specific Communication

  • No one-size-fits-all: The same information may be communicated in different ways via different channels to reach different audiences, e.g. on Twitter to reach technical experts/consultants and in a personal email to inform our funders;
  • Consider which language/style is appropriate for your target group in the specific communication situation;
  • Think about through which channels your target group consumes the kind of information you want to convey and at what time of day, e.g. in Europe Tweets are particularly successful in the morning hours (when people get up and commute), Facebook is more popular for professional content in some African or Latin American countries than in Germany. Your local counterparts might like a regular update on progress via an email or a PowerPoint presentation; and
  • Try to put yourself in the shower of your target group – in what context do they want what sort of information try to enter information/news into their “routine”.