MobiliseDays Standard Terms of Reference

MobiliseDays refers to an initiation measure for the preparation of potential technical assistance. MobiliseDays focus usually at dialogues with national governments and is intended to potentially result in technical assistance and a definition of a framework for the development of a NUMP roadmap in cooperation with the partner country.


MobiliseDays facilitate the dialogue among national ministries, cities and further key stakeholders. They aim at deriving a common understanding on key issues such as:

  • The state of the mobility system and on sustainable urban mobility planning in the country;
  • Need for improvement in the national framework and potential targets;
  • Key stakeholders to be considered in the ongoing process;
  • A steering structure for the NUMP process;
  • A roadmap for the NUMP process, including a clear work programme;
  • Financial and technical needs for the elaboration of a NUMP.

Typical agenda elements

MobiliseDays may comprise the following:

  • Current state of the mobility system and national urban mobility strategy/policy/programmes (e.g. presentation by ministry in charge of the NUMP and exchange on new elements to be included);
  • SUMPs: Presentation of the progress by cities and discussion on the national framework for SUMPS as well as limits of SUMPs implementation
  • Cities perspectives: representatives from small, mid-sized and large cities and regions
  • National perspectives: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Urban Development, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Development, etc.;
  • Financing institutions’ perspectives (commercial banks, development banks);
  • IInternational experience & good practice examples (governance, funding, capacity building);
  • Identification of (elements for a) a common vision for the sustainable mobility system; and
  • Draft common vision on sustainable urban mobility, information on the NUMP core team and coordination mechanism, work program for NUMP development (e.g. presentation by the lead ministry for the NUMP development followed by a discussion).

Target group of the MobiliseDays are representatives of national ministries and subordinate authorities, selected local governments, city networks, the private sector (vehicle manufacturers, providers of transport solutions, financing institutions, academia, NGOs, etc.). The audience could generally be composed of fifty to eighty people.

Example: Tunisia NUMP MobiliseDays

The MobiliseDays in Tunisia were held in March 2017. During the two-day event the then current action plan was reviewed (a plan agreed initially during the national transport conference 2012). The event aimed at stimulating a discussion and subsequently drawing recommendations on the following 5 topics – all of them related to the NUMP process that was starting at this time:

  • How to consider climate change in a national urban mobility policy?
  • A national mobility policy for better local strategies;
  • Amendments to the legislative framework for more efficient urban mobility;
  • New financing sources for urban mobility in Tunisia;
  • Regional Transport Authorities in Tunisia, in theory and in practice.

MobiliseYourCity has developed Model Terms of Reference for the development of NUMPs includes the objectives, scope, tasks and final products to be delivered by the consultant. They have been applied in various countries and can be adapted to the specific context and requirements of each NUMP.

The Model Terms of Reference are available upon request from MobiliseYourCity. Please contact the MobiliseYourCity Secretariat for further information:

Credit: GIZ Transport