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Synergies between Climate Action and Industrial Policy: Towards Fuel Efficiency in Thailand

Although Thailand is a major vehicle producer in Southeast Asia, it is the only country that...
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Successful charging infrastructure roll-out – study tour findings

During their study tours, two delegations – from the Ministry of Transport of Viet Nam (MOT),...
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Future Ahoy!

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to try something new. “Future Ahoy!” is the result of such a...
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Financing the Intermodal Freight Transport in Java, Indonesia

The Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia and GIZ through TRANSfer III Project are...
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Road Map Policy for Truck Fleet Modernisation in Indonesia

The cooperation between GIZ and Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia through the TRANSfer...
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Financing Mechanism for Intermodal Freight Transport Action Programme in Java, Indonesia

Together with the Indonesian government, the TRANSfer project is working on shifting freight transport from road...
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Report Launch on Electric Mobility and Low Carbon Passenger Road Transport in India

With almost 5.9 Million km, India has the second largest road network in the world. It...
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Taxes and Congestion Charges: Study Identifies Financing Mechanisms for Sustainable Mobility

With the aim of increasing the resources that can be allocated to sustainable urban mobility projects...
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Shaping Thailand’s Clean Mobility Programme

In Bangkok, transport contributes more than 50% to PM2.5 emissions and is one of the main...
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Handbook on Urban Infrastructure Finance

This comprehensive handbook explores financing instruments and innovative, sustainable revenue sources for cities to overcome infrastructure...
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10 Principles for Sustainable Urban Transport