Handbook on Urban Infrastructure Finance

This comprehensive handbook explores financing instruments and innovative, sustainable revenue sources for cities to overcome infrastructure financing (and funding) challenges. It includes practical guidelines in order to make smarter use of existing urban infrastructure finance options and to respond more effectively to the basic infrastructure service needs of their citizens and businesses.

The following instruments are analysed:

  • Public sector financing instruments, including municipal funding instruments.
  • Private sector financing sources and models, including equity capital and dept capital sources and public private partnership models
  • Financing support from international financial institutions.
  • Credit enhancements and other leveraging tools.

In addition, sustainable revenue sources and innovative financing options are explained, inter alia taxes and user charges, green bonds, carbon tax/ cap-and-trade and social impact bonds.


Topics:  financing, urban infrastructure, private finance, public finance, green bonds, taxes
Document Type: Handbook
Name of the Document:  Handbook on Urban Infrastructure Finance
Authors: Dr. Julie Kim
Organisation: New Cities Foundation
Year: 2016
Number of Pages: 139
Language: English

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