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1 December 2015

ProNAMA: best practices, challenges and future prospects

The Mexican-German programme for NAMAs (ProNAMA) designed a package of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions from 2011-2015, including a substantial transport portfolio. This document compiles the lessons learned, results and impacts, objectives and technical designs. Moreover, it describes the measurement, reporting and verification system, the institutional framework settings and the funding mechanisms of each approach. Key factors for a successful development of the ProNAMA proved to be a profound strategy, tight cooperation between actors and clear ownership.


167 Pages
Language: Spanish
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Anahí Ramírez
  • Andreas Gruner
  • Emily Castro
  • Ernesto Feilbogen
  • Georg Schmid
  • Jorge Atala
  • Karen Martínez
  • Miriam Frisch
  • Paula Saucedo