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15 February 2023

Post-Covid-19 Green Recovery Assessment of Road Transport

From a gender perspective

Road transport in Viet Nam plays a significant role in the national development model and economy. The transport sector is mainly dominated by men while women’s roles and contributions are often under recognised and undervalued. This thematic study explores gender characteristics in enterprises operating in road transport by assessing their resilience, and application of green and inclusive recovery measures in the post-COVID-19 pandemic as well as analyses measures, policies, and strategies toward the goal of carbon neutrality, net-zero emissions in the transport sector in Viet Nam. 

The study aims to provide a gender insight for the Ministry of Transport, transport enterprises, relevant agencies, units, collectives, and individuals in the development and/or advocacy for green and inclusive post-COVID-19 transport policies with a gender perspective. 


22 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Do Xuan Hoa
  • Nguyen Van Quyen

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