Connecting Women to Global Opportunities

Third check-in session of the Women on the Move Mentorship Program

Connections and networking are essential for the development of sustainable transport, especially when it comes to showcasing the remarkable work of women in the field as a source of inspiration. The Women on the Move sessions aim to connect women worldwide for this purpose. During the last session on 20 August 2023, two initiatives were presented, offering a variety of opportunities for women in the professional sphere. We began with an icebreaker session to help participants warm up before the main session started. Following that, we had the privilege of inviting two speakers, Urda Eichhorst from NDC TIA-GIZ and Julia Remmers from Women Mobilize Women, to share their initiatives with us.

GIZ’s Women Experts Database: Empowering Women in Asia

Women on the Move Chick In Session

Urda Eichhorst, the director of the NDC Transport Initiative for Asia of GIZ, unveiled an innovative project aimed at empowering women in the fields of transport, environment, energy, and water sectors in Asia. This initiative, set to launch in late 2023, revolves around creating a comprehensive database of women experts. Inspired by Women in Green Hydrogen, the primary goal of this project is to increase the visibility of women experts in these sectors in order to achieve equal opportunities for all gender. By highlighting the wealth of talent among women professionals, GIZ’s database promises to pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future in these critical fields.

Women Mobilize Women: Driving Sustainable Mobility Globally

Julia Remmers, representative of Women Mobilize Women, introduced the network as the initiative promoting feminist transport planning and the empowerment of women in the sector globally. With the believe of “Transport planning is not gender neutral”, the network’s mission is to promote inclusive and sustainable mobility. Founded in 2018, this network has made significant strides in the past five years through a range of activities such as conferences, publications, and leadership programs. In 2023, Women Mobilize Women organised Study Tour and award ceromny with “Feminist Voices in Transport” as the theme, bringing together women from over 30 countries to celebrate and learn from each other’s effort towards a more equitable future.

The session also featured an interactive Q&A, providing participants with the opportunity to engage with the presenters and ask questions about the initiatives. Some of the topics covered included inquiries about the expert database, potential funding opportunities for women in these sectors, and ways to connect with other networks that share similar goals. This open exchange of ideas and information underscored the dedication of Women on The Move and its partners to support women professionals and innovators in the transport sector.

The Ideas for the Development of Women on the Move

Before concluding the session, participants were informed about the upcoming final session of the mentorship program on the 20 November 2023, which will provide an opportunity to discuss the progress, lessons learned, and success stories from the past year, and about the TUEWAS Women Expert Database, which will be launch on the 15 November 2023.

In conclusion, the Women on The Move Mentorship Program’s third check-in session exemplified the power of collaboration and innovation in advancing gender equality and inclusivity. The initiatives presented by GIZ and Women Mobilize Women hold the potential to be transformative in these sectors, equipping women with the tools and resources needed for global success. Through opportunities for connection, learning, and growth, these initiatives are driving positive change and propelling women forward in the world of transport and mobility. As these projects unfold and the Women on The Move Mentorship Programme continues its vital work, we can look forward to a future where women are truly on the move in these industries, breaking barriers and driving change on a global scale.

NDC Transport Initiative for Asia (NDC-TIA) is part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI). The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) supports this initiative on the basis of a decision adopted by the German Bundestag. It supports China, India, and Viet Nam as well as regional and global decarbonisation strategies to increase the ambition around low-carbon transport.  

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