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26 August 2021

Truck Fleet Modernization in Indonesia

Mitigation Action Outline

Road freight transportation in Indonesia faces various challenges, including poor energy and environmental performance, safety risk, and high cost. These factors are attributed to older trucks with poor technologies, truck oversizing and overloading, road congestion, high cost, and other factors. As a consequence, road freight transportation is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) and criteria pollutant emissions in Indonesia, magnifying the environmental and public health burden of the transportation sector.

This Mitigation Action Plan on truck modernization in Indonesia outlines a governmental program designed to mitigate GHG emissions in the freight sector through the deployment of an environmentally friendly fleet. The objective of the scheme is to encourage truck owners to modernize their fleets, replacing the dirtiest and least efficient vehicles with new trucks carrying the latest generation of engine efficiency and emission control technologies.


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