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1 September 2014

Thailand Stocktaking Report on Sustainable Transport and Climate Change

Data, Policy and Monitoring

This report aims to provide a picture of transport and climate change mitigation in Thailand for the policymakers and international donors, as well as identify gaps, needs and potential areas for assistance. It covers the full land transport sector, including passenger and freight, and discusses existing data based on the ASIF approach (Chapter 2), policies and monitoring for sustainable transport and climate (Chapter 3), barriers towards low-carbon transport (Chapter 4), stakeholders and international donors (Chapter 5), and finally recommendations for further action on capacity building.

The report is based on existing literature and policy documents, interviews with policymakers and experts and a Thailand Kick-off workshop held in March 2013.


Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Dr. Atit Tippichai
  • Dr. Sorawit Narupiti
  • Mattawan Sutjaritthanarak
  • Papondhanai Sutjaritthanarak
  • Stefan Bakker

10 Principles for Sustainable Urban Transport