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1 February 2017

Shaping the Role of Climate Finance for Sustainable Transport

What Are the Levers and How to Make Them Work?

How can climate finance leverage sustainable transport and exploit the potentials for emission reductions? This report – based on six case studies – gives recommendations. The majority of projects presented in the case studies were financed to a larger share by MDBs while climate funds and other sources did account for the minor part. The authors focus on five key strategies including building enabling policy environments, catalysing investments and facilitating demonstration projects. They point out that grants and loans can be made contingent upon local adoption and that co-benefits should be considered in cost analysis of projects and in directing finance.


132 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Adnan Rahman
  • Christopher Porter
  • Iris Ortiz
  • Jamie Osborne
  • Suseel Indrakanti