Reducing Fuel Consumption and Emissions from Inter-Atoll and Inside-Lagoon Transport

Proposal for Technical and Operational Options

What are the most suitable low carbon ship technologies? Will we see a revival of wind propulsion? Will there be smaller vessels sailing of the outer islands or few bigger ships with large capacity?

This report explains solutions for sustainable and low carbon transportation at sea. Furthermore, it discusses how to recover maritime knowledge and competencies. It is also a catalog of options to reduce the carbon footprint in the field of waterborne transportation between the islands and inside the lagoons of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.



130 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Christian Arriens
  • Henrik Richter-Alten
  • Prof. Capt. Michael Vahs
  • Sascha Strasser
  • Siegfried Wagner
  • Thomas Peetz

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