Overview of Battery Recycling Ecosystem

Stakeholder Identification and Perspective on Environment, Health & Safety Aspects

With the escalation in the growth of EVs and associated battery production, the end-of-life management of the used batteries becomes a matter of utmost importance. The report focuses on providing an overview of battery recycling ecosystem from the perspective of stakeholder identification, risk identification, and its mitigation measures. The report includes a model template document, Environmental Health and Safety Risk Screening Framework, and Standard operating procedures for battery recycling ecosystem.

The intent of this report is to guide new entities in the battery recycling ecosystem in identifying various stakeholders and their corresponding roles and responsibilities, permissions required for setting up battery recycling/refurbishing facilities, risks and corresponding mitigation measures, and standard operating procedures for safe handling of batteries.


99 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Gautam Sharma
  • Joseph Teja
  • Shri Sudhendu J. Sinha

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