Future Ahoy!

An infographic novel about sustainable transport (in Germany)

“Future Ahoy!” is a comic about a German family in which three generations talk – and sometimes argue – about transport and mobility. The story offers many facts and infographics that explain the issues: from the city as a mobility commune to heaven and hell in digitisation, from the knight Don Nimbyxote and his fight against wind turbines to the family dog Rudi and his dream of an intact planet.

In this way, the infographic novel combines emotion with information, entertainment with political education. The aim is to win over as broad an audience as possible for the topic of climate change mitigation in transport beyond the small circle of experts. The translation of the German book “Abgefahren!” was made possible by GIZ, for using the product in its international cooperation projects on sustainable transport.

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80 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Agora Verkehrswende
  • Ellery Studio