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20 September 2022

From Trucks to Tracks

Promoting rail freight transport in emerging economies

Freight rail is one of the most energy-efficient and least carbon-intensive way to transport goods. This article looks at the trends, goals, barriers and actions of selected emerging economies (India, China, Indonesia, Mexico) in this area. Is there government ambition and already progress for modal shifts from road? What is the role of climate protection and other policy objectives? Are barriers overcome with innovative approaches? Where does international technical cooperation come in all of this? And what common themes, patters or solutions emerge when comparing the country cases?

The article is an excerpt from the journal “Internationales Verkehrswesen (74) Heft 3 | 2022″.


4 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Deepak Baindur
  • Friedel Sehlleier
  • Karen Martinez Lopez
  • Tanya Mittal
  • Xuan Ling