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18 February 2020

Enhancing Climate Ambition in Transport

Six Action Recommendations for Policymakers to Align Transport with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Agenda

Building on existing transport-related roadmaps, calls for action, discussion papers and research findings, GIZ devised six essential recommendations for policymakers and other officials dealing with climate action and ambition in the transport sector. As policymakers draft their upcoming NDC revisions, they can heed these recommendations, which have been broadly formulated to allow adaptation to divergent national contexts.

In addition to enabling emission reductions, the recommendations address various sustainable development challenges in the transport sector. Beyond fighting climate change, taking action in all six areas will thus help to reduce air pollution, noise and congestion, while also enhancing access to transport, road safety and the efficiency of the freight sector, thereby contributing to six of the 17 SDGs.

For an overview of the findings of the paper please see the graphic illustrations in English, French and Spanish as well as postcards.


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    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Daniel Bongardt
  • Marion Marion Vieweg-Mersmann