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9 February 2021

Status Quo Analysis of Electric Mobility and Low Carbon Passenger Road Transport in India

The main objective of this study is to examine the Low-Carbon Road Transport (LCRT)/E-mobility development, accomplishments so far, supported by the policy, schemes, and regulatory interventions in India. In this publication we perform a status quo analysis/investigation on different segements in India, under the regional technical assistance programme NDC – Transport Initiative for Asia.

This analysis provided us the existing status, opportunities, challenges, gaps, and way forward for low carbon road transport in India. Different types and technologies, services, business models, contribution to India’s long-term NDCs and other climate action and clean energy targets were assessed for various segments of low carbon road transport including electric mobility.

The findings from this report titled could enable policymakers, regulators, services, business models, and hence the Government of India to assess the need of actions, reform, and amendments required to increase the market uptake of LCRT/E-mobility in India.

The executive summary can be downloaded here.


340 Pages
Language: English