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19 September 2022

Data Collection for Assessing Climate Change Mitigation Potential of Uganda’s Transport Sector

Final data compilation report

This report is part of an activity by the Government of Uganda implemented with financial support by the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV). The activity aims to support the Government of Uganda (represented by Climate Change Directorate, CCD) in systematically assessing the country’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transport, analysing the sector’s emission reduction potentials and optimising its contribution to the mitigation targets in the country’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). Using this data, an analysis of mitigation potentials was conducted  that empowers policymakers to make evidence-based decisions about the future of Uganda’s transport sector in terms of mitigating greenhouse gases.

This report serves as a final data collection report that details the following:

  • Overview of the transport sector in Uganda
  • Process utilised for collection of all transport sector data
  • Description of the transport sub-sectoral base line data (road, railway, inland water transport,
    and aviation)
  • Expected future trends in the transport sector
  • Conclusions from the data collection process

The report was produced by MEIR Engineering & Research Ltd. over the course of several months in the year 2021.


Language: English

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