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5 November 2020

Concept for an integrated reporting mechanism for transport, climate change and SDGs

Background Paper prepared for the 13th EST Forum pre-event

To get on the pathway towards net zero carbon by the middle of the century it is essential to give particular attention to the growing emissions from the transport sectorA transparent reporting system is key, in order tbetter unravel the multiple impacts of policy action and to assess progress towards a sustainable transformation.

The Background Paper creates in this basis a vision for 

  • better alignment of climate (National Determined Contribution (NDC)) and SDG reporting;
  • Alignment across different reporting levels (local, national, regional, global);
  • Integration of different stakeholders in the reporting process (e.g. transport agencies, businesses, energy and health sectors); 

While SDGs and NDCs (through its VNR and Transparency Report) provide an initial foundation, more efforts are needed to create a future regional and global reporting framework on transport. The report identifies five key elements for action.

The Regional EST Forum, is currently revising its future reporting framework and policy alignment by 2021 and could be a blueprint for other regions. It could create a platform to allow the comparison of policy actions and their impacts, and to share good practices to enable sustainable mobility in Asian countries. 


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