MobiliseYourCity: Overview SUMP Training Materials

General Information

To scale and facilitate the capacity-building process, MobiliseYourCity developed a full overview of training materials, encapsulating the most important knowledge about sustainable urban mobility planning.

The training catalogue consists of individual training modules, each dealing with a specific topic related to the sustainable urban mobility planning process. These training materials include all the elements and tools a trainer needs to organise, prepare and deliver a training session, from PowerPoint presentations to exercises and additional resources for participants.

If you are interested in accessing our training materials, please get in contact with the MobiliseYourCity Secretariat for any level of support:

Phase I: Preparation & Analysis

An explicit decision by policy makers to develop a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan represents the starting point and first milestone for the SUMP process. In the initial phase, the preparatory work for the planning process is carried out.

Phase II: Strategy Development

The objective of the second phase aims to determine the strategic direction of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan in cooperation with citizens and stakeholders.

Phase III: Measure Planning

In the third phase, the planning process is proceeding from the strategic to the operational dimension. During this phase the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is finalised and the implementation is prepared.

Phase IV: Implementation & Monitoring

This fourth phase aims to implement the actions and related measures defined in the SUMP which are complemented by a systematic monitoring, as well as evaluation and communication.

SUMP Financing: Facilitating low carbon investments

The documents below give specific guidance for all financial issues to be addressed throughout the SUMP implementation process.


Anna Eikenberg