Uddheshya: Mainstreaming Gender From Ideas to Action

22 March 2023

Time: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM (UTC+5.5)
Location: Jacaranda Hall, India Habitat Center, New Delhi

WRI India invites you to Uddheshya: Mainstreaming Gender from Ideas to Action. This one-day conference will focus on the importance of inclusive and accessible mobility systems critical to women’s empowerment.

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Organised by:
WRI India under the aegis of the Forum for Decarbonizing Transport. Supported by the NDC Transport Initiative for Asia.

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PLENARY: Gender Inclusive Mobility for Women’s Empowerment The opening plenary brings together leading voices from government, industry and civil society to underscore the importance of inclusive mobility as a pathway for women’s empowerment in India.

PANEL DISCUSSION 1: Moving Towards Gender-inclusive Mobility What do more inclusive mobility systems look like, for the women commuters using them, and to ensure the diversity of the transport workforce? This session dives into the opportunities and challenges to creating mobility systems that are more inclusive for women.

PANEL DISCUSSION 2: Designing Inclusive Public Transport and Infrastructure Limited or inequitable public transport services impact access to education, healthcare, and opportunities. This panel discussion focuses on the need to incorporating a gender-sensitive lens to cater to the unique needs of all transport users across gender, age, income, ethnicity and geography.

SPOTLIGHT: Initiatives for Advancing Gender-Inclusive Mobility

ROUNDTABLE 1: Ensuring a Just and Inclusive Transition to E-Mobility The electric mobility sector is poised for robust growth in the country and will emerge as a key employment generator. This session highlights the opportunity of the e-mobility transition to close the gender gap in the workforce and create more green jobs.

ROUNDTABLE 2: Financing the Ecosystem for Gender-Inclusive Mobility Transport investments can help guide the development of inclusive transport systems that improve access to services and opportunities for women. This discussion identifies the different types of investments and finance flows in the transport sector, and how they may be leveraged to support more equitable mobility options for all.