Future of Electric Mobility – Driving EV Vision Towards a Sustainable Development

15 October 2021

Time: 9:00 AM (UTC+7)
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

This event organized by GIZ and CharIN under the 6th Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand (iEVTech) brings together pioneering mobility experts to discuss and exchange ideas on the practice and future of electrical mobility and sustainable transportation.


Language(s): EN

Organised by:
GIZ and CharIN

The future is electric

Now, electricity-powered vehicles are turning heads wherever they go. Whenever climate change is mentioned, EV’s become the solution EV’s are shaping our today’s vision for the mobility of tomorrow.

Envisioning efficiency and sustainability through the lens of ZERO emissions vehicle, GIZ, jointly with CharIN, is organizing a half-day convention held under the 6th Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand (iEVTech).

In this session, the practice of electrical mobility and the prospecting future of transportation will be discussed and exchanged by pioneering mobility experts from Thailand and International expert community.

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