Building Feminist Cities @ ADB Transport Forum Manila

17 May 2024

Time: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (UTC+8)
Location: Asia and the Pacific Transport Forum 2024, ADB Headquarters, Manila Philippines

We are thrilled to announce that our #BuildingFeministCities workshop series is back as a part of the Asia and the Pacific Transport Forum 2024!

Language(s): EN

Organised by:
Women Mobilize Women & Women on the Move Asia

#BuildingFeministCities was initiated and piloted during a successful workshop held in Delhi, India, co-hosted by Women Mobilize Women and Safetipin in October 2023. With this event series we aim to foster a diverse, global community committed to building more feminist, resilient and adaptable transport systems that are equipped to handle increasing societal and climate shocks.  🚃 💪

Building Feminist Cities: Looking at the Intersections of Inclusivity

Women Mobilize Women together with Women on the Move Transforming Transport in Asia will hold a panel session entitled “Building Feminist Cities: Looking at the Intersections of Inclusivity” on May 17 at 9:00 - 9:45 am. The session is centered around having empathy for those who have typically been excluded by society, consciously or unconsciously, through city and transport planning. The aim of this session is to have a discussion on the intersectionality of mobility and what it truly entails to make a city for all regardless of gender, ability, age, origin, economic status, and other factors. After the panel, we embark on a Jane’s Walk around the vicinity of the ADB Headquarters that will incorporate perspectives from the panelists together with AI-generated images of reimagined spaces along the walk, showing what a feminist city could look like. On the Jane’s Walk, participants will discover the joys of walking while studying their surroundings. Following the walk, we will engage in discussions, exchanging experiences and insights.

The Asia and the Pacific Transport Forum

The key objective of the 2024 Transport Forum is for ADB to showcase its technical and financial assistance, and for developing member country (DMC) officials to gain broader understanding of emerging solutions for the transport sector issues facing the region. The event is also an opportunity for ADB to showcase the ADB Transport Sector Directional Guide to support the DMCs’ objective to “build forward better” across the region.

The forum aims to:

  • present the solutions for transport to deliver on global commitments on transport-related SDGs and on Paris Agreement commitments;
  • provide an opportunity for representatives of the region’s transport expert community to develop a greater understanding on key transport issues in the present and near future;
  • allow those working on real-world sustainable transport solutions such as policy makers, thought leaders, and practitioners to discuss their experiences; and
  • engage discussions between ADB and its DMCs, private sector clients, and development partners on the challenges and opportunities facing the transport sector.

How to register

Registration is open for all, but there will be a screening process to ensure the event caters to the targeted individuals. See details and the event agenda at

Registration to the forum is now open.

Find more information here: Asia and the Pacific Transport Forum 2024 | Asian Development Bank (