Challenging the Status Quo

Women on the Move held the first virtual meeting called “Mentorship Check-in with Safetipin” on 3 March 2023.

The event’s primary goal was to bring together mentors and mentees to get to know each other, learn about their impact on the transport sector as women, and share ideas on how to continue positively influencing the sector.

The event began with an icebreaker activity, where guests had the opportunity to get to know each other and familiarise themselves with the Women on the Move network. The group then shared universal advice for women in the transport industry not just as experts, but also as users.

An App for women’s safety in public spaces

Sonali Vyas, a representative from Safetipin, a social organisation that works with various urban stakeholders, including governments, to make public spaces safer and more inclusive for women, gave an informative presentation. She discussed the organisation’s use of three mobile phone applications: My Safetipin, Safetipin Nite, and Safetipin Site.

How does Safetipin work?

The organisation collects data through these apps and presents it to relevant stakeholders along with recommendations. The data is used to generate a safety score, which is provided to users of the My Safetipin app to make informed decisions about their mobility.

Safetipin is a collective work which deals with one of the biggest problems that women around the world have to face in their daily life in public transport: feeling safe.

Sonali Vyas

After the presentation, there was a Q&A session where attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion. The event concluded with the Women on the Move team continuing to work on various tasks for the network, such as matching mentors and mentees and promoting knowledge-sharing for the development of the transport sector.

Overall, the “Mentorship Check-in with Safetipin” event was a success in bringing together women in the transport sector to share ideas and discuss the importance of safety in public spaces. The event highlighted the important work being done by organisations like SafetiPin to promote safe mobility for women, and the Women on the Move network’s commitment to supporting and empowering women in the transport industry.

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