WRI Learning Guide “Financing Sustainable Urban Development: An Introduction”

This interactive learning guide on “Financing Sustainable Urban Development: An Introduction” aims to support city officials and local-decision makers in

  • Understanding the urgency of financing sustainable urban growth
  • Examining challenges and barriers to obtaining financing
  • Identifying new sources of earmarked financing called sustainable urban finance
  • Following a pathway to selecting and financing projects
  • Exploring examples of potentially replicable and scalable sustainable projects

It was produced by TheCityFixLearn and the World Resources Institute (WRI). Please note that this version is a draft. The developers welcome any feedback that helps to improve the content.

You can find it here: Learning Guide cards | TheCityFix Learn

TransOeaste - Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Mariana Gil/WRI Brasil Cidades Sustentáveis

Ronja Kwasniok