Women in Green Hydrogen tackles Inequality in the Sector

Women constitute just 20 % of panel speakers at green hydrogen conferences. Founded in 2020, Women in Green Hydrogen (WiGH) is a network of ambitious women with the goal of connecting, empowering, and boosting the visibility of women in the sector.

A recent WiGH research project sheds light on the status quo of diversity in green hydrogen. Using a newly developed gender monitoring tool, which analyses the gender distribution of panels, congresses, and management boards, a first scoping reveals that women constitute only 1 in 5 speakers at green hydrogen conferences. This is even less than in the energy sector and other sectors closely related to hydrogen, such as oil & gas: which has an average of just 22% women speakers; transportation: also 22 %; the chemical industry: 35 %; and the renewable energy sector: 32 %.

In an effort to tackle this, in June this year WiGH launched the first round of its hydrogen sector-specific Mentoring Program, which aims to empower women in junior and middle management positions by connecting them to experts in the field.

Another main pillar of WiGH’s work is to create safe spaces for networking and debating current developments in hydrogen. WiGH warmly welcomes women from the sector to join the upcoming events:

WiGH networking event “Wind of Change” (April 30, 2021)

More than 300 women from over 40 countries joined the last networking event on  “Wind of Change”. In a joint event with TÜV SÜD in June, WiGH members discussed current developments in EU hydrogen certification with six experts on the subject. Women in Green Hydrogen currently counts 1,644 members and 453 experts in its database. Follow WiGH on Twitter, join the LinkedIn group and subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date.

Women % working in the energy sector

Maren Schoettler, Berlin