Nameera Moerdaning

Position: Advisor
Location: Indonesia, Jakarta

An active travel enthusiast passionate about urban transport systems. Having educational and working experience in Transport and City Planning, I am well-versed in the complexities of shaping sustainable and efficient transport networks within cities. I have a vision to improve people’s well-being by advocating for just public transport systems. I firmly believe that accessible, reliable, and affordable transportation options can significantly impact society. One particular area close to my heart is mainstreaming gender issues in transport planning. I am committed to creating inclusive systems that address the unique needs and experiences of different genders, promoting equality and fairness in transportation access and usage.

Gaining my Masters in Transport and City Planning from University College London and working experience as a Transport Analyst at think tank organisations, I have gained comprehensive skills in transport planning, project monitoring, evaluation, and reporting, as well as adept problem-solving abilities. As a dedicated transport analyst, my daily responsibilities encompass offering technical support to partners on prevailing sustainable transport trends while organising and overseeing capacity-building events.