Maulana Ichsan Gituri

Position: Advisor
Location: Indonesia, Jakarta

Advocating equitable and sustainable urban transportation solutions is my day-to-day. This should be followed with a strong focus on prioritizing and improving public transport, especially in urban areas. I firmly believe that achieving this goal requires a combination of measurable assessments, well-crafted policies, and technical capacities for all stakeholders involved. Without these key elements, the challenges can become overwhelming and hinder progress.

With a background in transport engineering and nearly a decade of experience in the public transport sector, I have been actively involved in technical preparation, assessment, and evaluation of urban mass public transport systems. My journey led me to join GIZ in 2018, where I contributed to the SUTRI NAMA and INDOBUS programme. These experiences allowed me to realise my aspiration of pioneering mass public transport initiatives in Indonesia’s diverse metropolitan cities. While the challenges are undeniably present, I see them as opportunities for growth and positive change. By working together and embracing these obstacles, we can create a brighter and more sustainable urban mobility. Game on!