Gistya Gemma Rahayu Soelaeman Burhanudin

Position: Advisor
Location: Indonesia, Jakarta

My interest with transport ignited when I realized how much it shapes our daily lives and impacts the world around us. This droves me to learn into the issues at the root while also engineering practical solutions. Armed with a background in transport engineering from the Institute of Technology of Bandung and climate-focused courses at Hiroshima University, I’ve been on a journey to delve further into the world of sustainable transport.

Today, my journey has led me to the vibrant team at GIZ as an advisor for the SUTRI NAMA & INDOBUS programme. In this role, I’m deeply immersed in shaping the sustainable urban transport development for the partner country. My focus centres on crafting urban transport policies that not only resonate with our shared vision for a greener future but also actively contribute to our collective endeavour to combat climate change. With that, I am enthusiastic to join hand and collaboratively craft solutions that are not only a reflection of my journey thus far but also a testament to our collective aspiration for a more sustainable world.

10 Principles for Sustainable Urban Transport