Agita Ratna Jelita Ambar Putri

Having completed my MSc in transport and city planning at UCL and with extensive experience in architectural design firms and engineering consultancy, I have gained valuable expertise in the field of the built environment. Working actively in planning, assessing, and evaluating transport infrastructure projects in various regions of Indonesia has further refined my skills and understanding in this area. In 2022, I had the privilege to become a transport advisor at GIZ, where I have been able to contribute my expertise to the SUTRI NAMA and INDOBUS programme. In this role, I have provided technical assistance and organised capacity development events for our respected local and national partners. Additionally, I have fostered meaningful engagement with stakeholders to ensure smooth project implementation.

I firmly believe that travel has evolved into a vital aspect of modern daily life. Consequently, the provision of sustainable, integrated, accessible, and inclusive public transport infrastructure plays an important role in enhancing the quality of life for individuals and facilitating convenient access to their daily necessities. With boundless enthusiasm and a passionate drive, I am happy to take part in advancing the public transport infrastructure!