Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans: Implementing the New Urban Agenda

The main goal of the Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP) is to assist developing and transitioning cities to fulfil their transportation and mobility needs through a number of facilitating and capacity growing activities. This 4-page factsheet, provided by the SUTP, is valuable because its quickly introduces the co-creative SUMP process for the context of developing and transitioning regions. It briefs the reader of the leading role that city officials play, common challenges faced, and where to find other learning resources.

Despite it talking around the previous SUMP cycle (since updated by the SUMP 2.0 Guidelines), it is a great summarized introduction to the SUMP process and provides the basic rational behind it. Once this brief overview has been understood, it can then be further developed and supplemented with in-depth detail by the SUMP 2.0 Guidelines|

It functions as practical implementation guidance for identifying and catalyzing sustainable mobility actions to ensure a high feasibility of later implementing a SUMP. It does so by demonstrating that SUMPs integrate well in existing overarching Urban Development Plans or strategies of developing and transitioning countries.

Name of the Document: Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans iNUA#1: Implementing the New Urban Agenda
Mathias Merforth | GIZ
Language: English

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