Status Quo Analysis for Green Freight Programmes

Freight Assessment Blueprint

ICCT’s blueprint for performing a “Freight Assessment” is a practical guide for evaluating a country’s freight transportation inn support of a national green freight programm. The blueprint breaks the freight assessment down into the following five major categories or task areas:

  1. Roles and trends of trucking, shipping, and rail in the freight sector
  2. Freight trucks and trailers sales market
  3. Operational characteristics of the trucking sector
  4. Decision making around fuel-saving technologies and strategies
  5. Institutional arrangements and green freight program planning.

In each of the five subsections, there is a short introduction, followed by a quickglance table that summarizes the key elements of the task. The guidance further includes useful data and references, sample figures and tables, example interview questions.

Name of the Document: Freight Assessment Blueprint. Practical Guide for Evaluating Freight Transportation in Support of National Green Freight Programs
Author: Ben Sharpe
Organisation: International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)
48 Pages | 2017

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