Raising Awareness on Mobility Obstacles: Photo Competition in the Philippines

GIZ co-sponsors prizes in four different categories

The topic of mobility is ubiquitous in the Philippines, whether it is because of the heavy congestion in metropolitan areas or the lack of connections in suburbs and provinces. The daily experiences of commuters can, however, be vastly different. To help bring these realities to light, a coalition of mobility advocates including the civil sector and academe have partnered together for a national photo competition.

The mobility coalition is a “community of like-minded organizations and individuals concerned about the mobility of Filipinos.” Through the photo competition, they hope to raise “public awareness on the daily realities of transportation in the Philippines,” in order to “engage stakeholders – policy makers, implementers, commuters alike – in the discussion on how to improve mobility for all.”

Photos will be chosen in four categories:

  1. Overcoming Mobility Challenges, for photos which show how a mobility challenge is being overcome through either government initiative or through individual and/or community efforts;
  2. Public Transport Experience, for photos which show what Filipinos go through when they use public transport;
  3. Non-Motorised Transport Experience, for photos which highlight the issues or concerns faced by those who rely on walking or cycling to move around;
  4. Transportation’s Environmental Impact, for photos which capture issues or concerns with transportation modes that have a major impact on the environment.

GIZ, through the TRANSfer project, is co-sponsoring this photo competition in line with the key themes of the Philippine National Urban Mobility Programme (NUMP). Prepared with the Philippine Department of Transportation and as part of the MobiliseYourCity partnership, the NUMP includes non-motorized transport and public transport in its key themes. GIZ will be giving a bike as a special prize for the Non-Motorized Transport category.

Photos could be submitted until 21 December 2018, but online voting ends on 31 January 2019.

For more information visit: http://movemovemovepeople.com/.


Patricia Mariano, Manila

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