Raising Awareness of Truck Drivers

Campaigns and at-a-glance guidance for truck drivers are important for sector-wide agenda-setting and to support the learning process towards an efficient driving routine. This is a compilation of examplary awareness raising materials.

Pocket guide for truck drivers

This pocket guide by the UK Department for Transport includes several posters designed to boost awareness of truck drivers on ecodriving.
Name of the Document: The Fuel Efficient Truck Drivers’ Handbook
Organisation: Department for Transport (UK)
38 pages |2009
Download here

Checklist poster Eco-Driving by IRU

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) has developed this two-page checklist of techniques for drivers
Name of the Document: Eco-Driving Safely
Organisation: The International Road Transport Union (IRU)
2 pages | 2020
Download here

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