Truck Market in Indonesia

Analysis of New Vehicle Sales Data 2010-2021

A good understanding of the local vehicle market is fundamental for the agenda of truck fleet modernization . What kind of trucks are popular? Where do they come from? How efficient are they? etc. This set of slides therefore presents insights into the type, brand and other technical details of new trucks that are sold across Indonesia, where the TRANSfer III project has been providing technical assistance on truck fleet modernisation. The analysis is based on a dataset of annual vehicle sales from the Association of Indonesia Automotive Industries GAIKINDO.

In a nutshell, the average new truck in Indonesia is a small pick-up truck with 2 axles, 4 wheels, an engine with 1500CC capacity and 60-80kW power, a gross weight of <5 tons, a Japanese brand, build in Indonesia, EURO4 emission standard and a fuel efficiency of 7,7 L/100 km.


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