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25 November 1920

Guidance for Transport Impact Evaluations: Choosing an Evaluation Approach to Achieve Better Attribution

This is a technical source about how to design and conduct a systematic evaluation of the impacts of transport interventions and measures. The guidance is specific to various types of interventions (e.g. policy, programme, package, scheme etc.). Therefore, an emphasis is placed on generating a theoretical framework (an intervention logic) for judging and attributing evidence that points to impacts from a particular intervention or set of mobility measures.  It offers “how-to” guidance along six steps to ultimately help design and map intervention logics and carry out appropriate evaluation by determining the following:

  • what resources are required?
  • purposes of the evaluation
  • recognizing adequate intervention logic
  • linking outcomes with impacts and forming the key evaluation questions,
  • decision-making procedures

This source is recommended for those with a high working knowledge of SUMP process evaluations and is intended to be used to refine or illuminate weaknesses in existing SUMP M&E plans.


74 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Dione Hills
  • Kerstin Junge