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22 September 2020

Costs and Financing of Truck Ecodriving Training Programmes

Ecodriving is generally portrayed as a cost-effective action for less fuel use and CO2 emissions. This means that the initial investment into training and/or technology pays back quickly via fuel cost and maintenance savings and via public benefits like road safety and climate mitigation. Nevertheless, how much these measures cost and how they can be funded remain critical questions for project- and fleet managers or for self-employed truck drivers.

This briefing paper looks into the following questions:

  • What are the main cost elements for ecodriving training programmes?
  • What factors influences the magnitude of these costs?
  • Who should/can pay?
  • What instruments are available to different types of actors?

This document addresses these four questions in order to facilitate the process of identifying the best suited financial mechanisms for financing ecodriving training. Different arrangements may be suitable in different cases, or even in a single case. Also, this document does not report on the exact volume of each cost element, as these will greatly vary across countries depending on a variety of factors, the most important of which will be mentioned in the next chapters.


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Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Friedel Sehlleier
  • Mateo Gomez Jattin