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30 November 1920

Topic Guide: Funding and Finance of Sustainable Urban Mobility Measures

The SUMP topic guides were created to supplement the SUMP “core guidelines”. They were also updated with the release of second edition of the SUMP guidelines mentioned in the General theme above. This topic guide elaborates on financing activities described in the SUMP core guideline (activities 8.2 and 9.2). It conveys how to estimate costs and how to identify financing possibilities for developing SUMPs and the implementation of corresponding measures.

This text is written primarily for EU member states (particularly a chapter dedicated to European level funding) and refers to many EU city examples. However, the guide is still a supportive resource for cities in developing countries to create their budgeting and financing plans because it advocates for schemes that account for the entire SUMP cycle. This refers to all four stages along the entire planning process that require a dedicated budget. It also addresses the more general maintenance costs of transport infrastructure and services. Furthermore, developing and transitioning cities can certainly use the many possible sources as an inspiration for potential funding streams. They have been categorized as follows: (1) local revenue streams, (2) taxation and value capture instruments, (3) national level funding, (4) debt mechanisms and external financing and, 5) private sector involvement.


34 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Frederic Rudolph
  • Stefan Werland