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25 November 1920

Sustainable Urban Transport Financing from the Sidewalk to the Subway

This technical guidebook proposes a comprehensive urban transport financing framework to support cities in developing countries to overcome what it considers as a transport “underfunding trap”. The framework is based on the concept of “Who Benefits Pays”.
It follows a standardized approach for analysing available financing mechanisms according to specific beneficiaries over different funding periodicities. 24 instruments (such as public sector funding, farebox revenue, road tolls, and land value capture) are appraised according to their strengths and weaknesses of creating social and economic value for intended beneficiaries including the general public, direct, and indirect stakeholders.

Thus, different cities can use the guide to select between sets of financing instruments and investments appropriately for their desired beneficiaries.

Although the guidebook addresses the challenge of financing entire mobility systems, its breakdown by individual financing instruments still enables the reader to identify specific options to generate revenue to fund the development and implementation of a SUMP. The number of financing mechanisms required to fund a SUMP would depend on the scope, availability of existing plans and studies, and external assistance required for a SUMP implementation.


111 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Arturo Ardila-Gomez
  • Adriana Ortegon-Sanchez